Which is better Nutri bullet or magic bullet?

What is a blender?

A blender is a mixer or an appliance that is used in the kitchen it can also be used in the laboratory to mix various things. It is an appliance that can also be used to make the smoothie or drinks that are being used at a large scale. A type of blender knows as stationary blender is designed in a way that it consists of a blade that is at the bottom of the container that is used in the machine.blender

The blade is powered by using an electric motor at the bottom; the power range of the motor can be varied as there is a variety of motors that are available in the market. Some of the blenders are powerful enough that they can be used to crush ice or other frozen products.  A new blender is manufactured that has a motor at the top and it is connected to the blade by a shaft; this can be used in any container of a blender.

Characteristics of blenders:

There are many types of blenders that have been manufactured; however different blenders comes with many features and functions that may be different from the other blenders that are available in the market. Many of the blenders that are produced may even be less expensive than the other blenders that are available in the market and they can be very useful for the customers in need. The features that a customer should keep in mind before buying blenders are:

  1. The blender you are buying must have a visible measure marks.
  2. It should be very easy to use.
  3. It should not be noisy.
  4. It should have power usage ranging from 300–1000 watts.
  5. It should be very easy to clean.
  6. It should have an option for quick blending that is “pulse”.

Applications of blenders:

There is a vast range of applications in which blenders are used such as they can be used to make many times of drinks. There is a huge usage of blenders in kitchen to mix various item to make a drink. They can also be used to mix the ingredients using a blade that is provided in the container of the blender. They can be used to dissolve solids into liquids like mixing ice in water.

Working of blenders:

Blenders have a very large usage either in homes, hotels and a large number of other places. However all the blenders have a motor that is attached at the bottom on the control panel; this motor can be used into number of speed levels that is based on your need. This motor that is attached at the control panel is used to drive a blade that is used to chops items that are placed in the blender.

In order to make a something in a blender you have to do is to put all the necessary items that are required in the container of the blender and then used the lid of the container to tight it. This lid is used so that the ingredients that are used do not spill out from the container when you start the process.

Push the start button of the machine, then the motor will turn on and the blade will start cutting the ingredients that are placed in the container. Once all the mixing is done you can stop the machine and then drink what you have made.

In this process the smoothie that you have made will have all the nutrients that your ingredients have. It will not damage all the proteins that are in the ingredients that you have added in the drink. So there is no harm in using blenders to make smoothies that you want to drink.

Blenders vs. food processors:

Food processors are a type of appliances that are used for solid food; it means that they are used to crush solid food or to cut them. On the other hand blenders are better to make drinks.  At most of the times food processors operate only at a single speed which means they does not have a speed range, food processors can be used at a single speed.

blender vs food processorsThe blenders have a pulse function that is used to give you a better control so that you can do chopping and cutting more easily. Food processors cannot be used for crushing ice or they cannot be used to make frozen drinks that are why the blenders are made so that you can do that also.

On the other hand the blenders are used to make the juices and the will work at a higher speed that the food processors. There are options that are provided on the blenders that are used to control the speed. They have this feature so that you can work according to your need, so that you can have a better control at your blenders.

Which is better magic bullet blender or Nutri bullet?

Magic Bullet and the Nutri Ninja are types of blenders that you can use in your kitchens, however both of these are personal blenders and they have great features that you can use.

In practice the bullet blenders are considered as the best among the personal blenders that are used in the houses, this is due to various reasons.

magic bullet blender or Nutri bulletBesides all of this the features that are provided in these blender are advance, along with this the machine is manufactured strong. These blenders are faster than all the blenders that are present in the market. Most of the people like to use the personal size blending jars that can only make a single serving which means that it can give you only a glass. Many people like to use these jars as the cup as it can contain the amount of juice for one people.

However along the other things these blenders are much affordable than the other blenders that are in the market. These blenders are the best for the persons who want to use the blenders as they do not have to spend much by buying it.

These are the few things that you should know about these products:


Magic Bullet

  • Easy to afford
  • Easy to clean
  • These product have less weight
  • Small container
  • Not versatile
  • The motor that is used is not very powerful


  • These blenders are versatile
  • They have powerful motors
  • They can blend larger amount of quantities
  • These products are expensive
  • Not easy to wash
  • These products are slightly heavier than the other blenders

These are one of the best blenders of their types:

Magic Bullet Blender:

This magic bullet blender that we are talking about is the best magic bullet blender that you can fine in the market. But along with everything this blenders is used by many people due to various qualities that are in the blender. You can find this blender as one of the top class magic blenders ever made.

Magic bulletThe magic blender is designed in a way that it is very compact which makes it easy to store in your kitchen even on the shelf, this compact size makes it perfect magic blender that you can easily. As the size is compact the motor that is installed in this blender is powerful enough to make smoothies and drinks that you can make in home easily.

Besides this the Magic Bullet gets power from a 250 watts motor that is then used to make many drinks and smoothies that are your favorite. This motor is used to power the blade that is at the bottom of the container that is used to cut the items that are in the container of your blender. When all these components are joined together then they can be used to cut, mix or turn the fruits and the vegetables that are in the container. This blender also has the feature to cut the meat and other thing like it with ease.

The Magic Bullet is the one best blender that you can use in your kitchen. There are three jugs that are provided with the blenders that is a good thing. The product is designed and made in a way that it has strength and it cannot be damaged easily.

  • There are three jars that are provided
  • Durable seal system is installed on lid
  • Smaller in size and easy to use
  • Cheap product
  • Can be used to form various drinks
  • The pulse ignition is not very sensitive
  • When blade is used on hard ingredients they can get dull.

Final view:

The magic blender is designed and manufactured in a way that it is very small in size. There are 11 pieces or this blender, besides this there are three jugs that are in this blender. There are many things that you can perform with this blender such as mixing, chopping and grinding. The 250 watts motor is used with the blade that is used to make the smoothie; you can cut the ingredients using this blade that is installed in it. This machine is very light weight so you can move it easily, however there is a recipe book that comes with the blender so that you can use it to make something that you like:

NutriBullet blender:

These types of blenders have gained much reputation recently due to the features that are in this product. This product is one of the best NutriBullet blenders that you can find in the market, this product is designed in a way that it can be easily used and it is small in size.

Nutri bulletThere is a 900 watts motor that is used to rotate the blade; this motor is a large motor can be used to blend anything that is present in the container of your blender. As compared to the other blender this blender has twice the power that they have. It has that amount of power that it can be used to crush ice and frozen food in the container.

Besides this if you want to talk about the blade that is installed in this blender the company is providing you a unique blade set that you can use. There are four blades that are arranged in a butterfly pattern, these blades can be used to cut all things that you are going to put in the container. These blades can be used to crush ice and many other fruits as long as these blades are installed in the machine

This arrangement is designed so that it can create a vacuum which will help you to bring the fruits close to the blade so you do not have to do anything. You just have to press the start button to start the blender.

The product also is not costly as compared to the other massive blenders.

  • It has 900 watts motor
  • Contains four blades with butterfly arrangement
  • Includes two jars
  • BPA free jars
  • Sensitive blending pulse mode
  • Durable seal on the lids
  • Easy to wash and use
  • It has a limited stock
  • Driveshaft sometimes chips over time

Final view:

It has a big motor that has 900 watts power that will power your 4 blades that can be used to cut anything. It has two jugs that are BPA free; besides this the seal that is on the lids of the jar is very tight. It is very easy to use and wash; however it has a limited availability.


The NutriBullet blender is better that the magic bullet blender, both products are good and they are easy to use. Beside this these blenders are good to produces smoothies; both of the products have some good feature along with some weaknesses. Overall the NutriBullet blender is better that the magic bullet blender.

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