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Magic bullet vs Nutribullet – A Comprehensive Comparison 2021

Are you in search of the best blender combos that are heavy-duty and handy at the same time? If yes, then look no further. The Magic Bullet and Nutribullet blenders are the most wanted in this regard, and so is the Magic bullet vs Nutribullet discussion!

Magic bullet vs Nutribullet

With that being said, both the blender combos have their own specialty in the technical aspect as well as in performance. So if you think that both are from the same manufacturer, you better not be fooled by the similarities among them. Because certain differences make them distinct from one another.

Now, we have got a detailed discussion on how different and similar are these two products; and you will find below the review of both the blenders as well. In addition to that, a concise buying guide by the end of the article will give you the answers to many of your questions. So make sure not to miss a word of it!

With that said, let’s get straight to the discussion:

Magic Bullet– The Most Affordable blender 2021

For the perfect blending experiences, magic bullet marks to be one of the best blenders in the market. It offers you a number of highly demanded features including the size and the package. Its compact size along with a range of different colors makes it a stylish machine that not only proves to be a helping kitchen partner but also makes your countertop more decorated and stylish.

Magic bullet

For more information regarding this, let’s dig a bit deeper:

Important features you need to know:

To go for any new product, you must need to check its specs for which it is specialized. Here are the basic features of Magic Bullet that makes it one of the best blenders of all.

Size and look:

For you need to adjust the machine at someplace in your already set kitchen, so you need to look for its size and dimensions so that you can decide where to put it and where not to.

The magic bullet is a quite compact and easily adjustable machine as it is only 12 inches tall and 5 inches wide. You can place it on an open countertop or even in any cabinet as you can disassemble it easily.

Moreover, this masterpiece is not so heavy. Its heavy-duty base along with the tall cup weighs about two and a half-pound. You can easily lift it and place it wherever you want.

Additionally, this amazing blender comes in three different colors offering you three different looks. The colors range between silver, green, and red. Also, its stylish body gives a stylish look to your kitchen top.

Loaded package:

Apart from that, the magic bullet comes with a loaded package that includes, a base, one tall pop that holds 19 ounces, two mugs that hold 15 ounces each, and two comfort lip rings that make it easier to drink out of the containers.

Along with these, there are three resealable lids, one stainless steel cross blade, and a beneficial user guide with ten-second recipes. Also, the magic bullet is BPA free and is quite durable and long-lasting.

Two ways to operate:

Besides all this, the magic bullet can be operated in two different but easy to understand ways. To get it started you can just hold down the top and to stop it, you just need to let it go. With this operating method, you need to be engaged throughout the process as you need to hold it continuously due to which you will not be able to do any other kitchen task.

On the other hand, you can operate it differently. To let it start, you need to press it downwards and turn it to get locked. With this, method, you don’t need to hold it throughout the process that is quite appreciated as you can go on with some other stuff simultaneously. To turn it off, you just need to turn it the other way and pull it out.

  • Low price.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Compact size.
  • Light in weight.
  • Loaded accessories.
  • Not spacious enough.
  • Not suitable for ice and nuts.

Nutribullet Blender Combo – The Best Blending and Chopping Machine in 2021

Now here we are going to give an overview of the features of this brand new Nutribullet blender combo. With its uniqueness, it has conveniently made its way to be the best and most powerful blender on the market. It is a versatile machine that allows you to make yummy smoothies and sizzling soups within no time. Moreover, it shows up with a multitude of handy and useful accessories that aid you in this regard. Starting from the motor base to two blender cups, a plastic tamper, two to-go drink lids, and a huge blending jug with spacious capacity to blend a handful of vegetables. Shortly, it has all the essentials along with the other stuff required for easy handling and operation.
Now to have a better idea of how it works and what are the tips and tricks to operate this useful machine, we are going to list down the major features of this machine. So without any further ado, let’s get down to it:

Nutribullet blender

Important Features You Need to Know:

So now we are going to explore the amazing facts about the Nutribullet blender combo that will help you to have a better know-how of the product. Here we go:

Blender Cup and Jug Blades:

As for the blender cup blades, they are set at various angles for chopping and blending your food easily. Apart from this, you must need to be extra careful while using this because they are sharpened more-than-usual.

Easy to take on and off the lids:

Be it a matter of putting on the blender cup blades or the removable lids, Nutribullet blender allows you to do both easily. With the finger grooves on the blender cup blade, you can have a steady and firm grip over it while twisting it on and off.

Moreover, if we talk about the ease of use with the removable, to-go blender cup lids, then these miniatures do the perfect job. Right after blending your favorite juice, you can hold the blender cup in your hand – as it has got a plastic handle – and simply put the lid in place of the blade. Next, just pop and snap the drinking lid allows you to drink directly from the cup.

Heavy-duty Blender Base:

Now all of these blender cups and jugs are fixed on the motor base; so that needs to be extra powerful and heavy-duty. Besides, the control buttons are present at the front of the blender base, and a 3.5 ft. long power cord at the bottom side of the base.

Less overheating:

The Nutshell blender combo runs fast but doesn’t produce extra heat that it gets suffocated inside. And in case the blender motor gets heated up, then there is a vent on the back of the unit, to prevent overheating.

  • Suction cup feet at the bottom.
  • The 8-cup capacity of the blender juicer.
  • Soft-touch handle of the blender jug.
  • Leak-resistant lid.
  • Convenient ‘pour spout’ method.
  • Two levels of the blade.
  • Cleanup is difficult with these blades.
  • Not good at after-sales service.

What are the Similarities?

To make a fair comparison between the two, you must compare the similarities between the two if there are any. So, to go on with this, the magic bullet is the one that came first and has some different and less advanced features as compared to the Nutribullet.

Besides, it was way difficult to find more similarities between the two. The Nutribullet and magic bullet are only the same in the function as both are used for blending, mixing, and chopping purposes.

More or less, you find the same results from both the machines, if we analyze them broadly. But if you check the texture of the smoothies blended in the two, you will find clear differences among the two.

So, check out the facts that make the magic bullet different from the Nutribullet.

What are the Differences?

As we have talked about the similarities, now it’s high time to highlight the differences between the two.
First off, the magic bullet comes with three containers, one tall jar, and two small-sized mugs whereas the Nutribullet brings a large ounce jug and two cups that are also quite spacious as compared to the magic bullet.

Next, is the powerful motor. Nutribullet runs on 1200 watt power while on the other hand, the magic bullet runs on a 250-watt motor. This is a quite big difference that can be seen while both the machines are processing. If you witness them while functioning, you will observe that the magic bullet has to strive harder to stir the content in the jar. On the contrary, the Nutribullet runs quite smoothly with powerful speed.

Thirdly, comes the dimension of the two. The Nutribullet is almost 17 inches high and 8 inches wide whereas the magic bullet is 12 inches high and 5 inches wide. Again, you see, there are big differences in their respective sizes.
Lastly, here comes the most important and the most concerning fact that is the price of the booth machines. With the great differences among the features, you must have an idea about the price of both that which one would cost more.

The machine that offers more efficient features would cost you a bit more as compared to the other one.
Magic bullet cost you approximately 40 dollars that is quite affordable. But, on the other hand, the Nutribullet shocks you with its high price as it ranges between 140 to 150 dollars that is way more than the first one.

As you can see that the Nutribullet offers you more incredible features than the magic bullet so it is perfectly fine if you invest this much amount in it. Also, the magic bullet is not a bad choice as it offers you a good deal of features at such a low price. So, the choice is all yours!

Which One is better?

As all the similarities and differences are mentioned above, now it comes to decide which one is better and which is not. To make a good choice you must keep in view all the aspects including features and price.

So, in the case of these two, the decision is, obviously, yours as we have played our part in informing you about all the things about the two. But, you can’t just close your eyes and go for the one, rather you need to keep in view that what are your requirements and according to those requirements, you should choose the one.

If you want a blender to make icy cold smoothies for which you need to crush the ice as well, you should go for the Nutribullet as it is more efficient in that. Its powerful motor and removable blades work together to blend the ice perfectly.

On the other hand, if you want to liquefy the mixture to a greater extent than you should go for a magic bullet as it gives more thin shakes and smoothies. Moreover, the magic bullet is not very much good in crushing hard items like ice, walnuts, and other dry fruits, so for that purpose, you need to go for the Nutribullet.

Lastly, if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in this particular machine, then you can go for the magic bullet as it costs you less than 40 dollars that can be easily arranged.

So, just to wrap it up, the choice that you make will completely depend upon your requirements. Otherwise, both the products are worth investing in and good to use in daily kitchen routine.

Things that need to be considered:

To buy any of the blenders, you just need to keep in view, some of the basic features that define the worth of the machine. If you do not have any idea about the blenders and you just directly go to buy one, then you will surely waste your money on any ordinary product that would not benefit you in much in this regard.
So, let’s check out the things that need to be considered while buying the best blenders for home use:

Jars or Containers:

At times you need to make some delicious and icy shakes for your whole family. So, for that purpose, you need to have a large size jar or container that can hold up to 72-ounce liquid at once.
Moreover, there should be multiple sized jars so that you can fulfill all the requirements as per your choice and your family needs. Besides, there should be one or two blend-to-go mugs so that you can readily intake your smoothies.

Motor Power:

For powerful and complete blending, you must keep in view that the motor has high power. If the blender runs on a low powered motor then it will work at a low speed, resulting in inefficient blending results.
For better crushing of hard items, you must look for a blender having a motor of about 1400 watt so that you can get the items fully crushed. Also, this avoids the food chunks that remain unblended and irritate you will drinking the shakes.

Operating Methods:

As for blenders, there are different methods to operate. For a good and worth buying blender, you need to keep in view that it operates in an easy and quick method. Also, it should not keep you engaged while blending so that you can get the other things done.

Moreover, you must check the machine if it has different running modes or not. It should not be single-tasking rather it should be capable of performing multiple tasks.


Apart from that, the size and weight of the machine should also be considered while buying. It should not be huge enough that it occupies a lot of space and also it should not be too compact that cannot hold enough quantity of liquid.

Alongside this, it should weigh less so that it can be lifted easily. Also, you must check its colors and body design to keep it on the kitchen counter, it should have a stylish and super cool look.


Lastly, the most important fact is the budget. You must check out the product that has all the basic features in a limited price range. But just for a tip, you must not compromise on the quality even if you have to pay a bit more.
On the other hand, you should risk your money by investing in a useless machine that does not offer you some good features.


1. Does Nutribullet fit the magic bullet?

If you are concerned with the cups and jars then the answer is no. The cups of the magic bullet cannot be used with the Nutribullet as the latter is wider and a bit bigger. So you cannot fix the jars of either on any of them.

2. Can the magic bullet crush ice?

Broadly talking, you can use the magic bullet to crush ice but if we talk in a bit of detail then the magic bullet is not very much preferred to be used for crushing ice as its blades are not made for it.

3. How long should a Nutribullet last?

For a blender or any other machine, there is no hard and fast rule about their longevity. The lifetime of any machine depends upon how it is being used and how much care you handle it. But to answer the query, if you keep it safe and handle it well, then Nutribullet can last for approximately five years or it can exceed this range as well.

4. Can you grate cheese in a magic bullet?

Yes. You can grate cheese in the magic bullet as it contains some specialized blades for this purpose. Also, you can add extra items along with it to make a yummy cheesy puree.

5. Do you peel fruit before putting in Nutribullet?

If you don’t want to peel the fruits then you can add them as they are. Nutribullet possesses sharp blades that can crush every item perfectly. Moreover, it also keeps all the nutrients safe and retained to serve you with taste and health.

Some Final Words:

To sum up the whole discussion on the magic bullet vs Nutribullet, the above-discussed points states the comparison and contrast between the two machines. All its similarities and differences are elaborated in the above discussion. To conclude the whole thing, the reason for which the comparison is made is the choice between the two.
As I have already mentioned in the above discussion, the whole decision of whether to choose a magic bullet or the Nutribullet depends upon your requirements and needs. If you want to have a cheap and easy to use blender then Nutribullet will be of no use for you, no matter how much efficient and functional it is.
Similarly, if you want to have some extra added features and you don’t have any concern with the high process that Nutribullet would be the best choice for you. So, it all depends on your personal choice. We hope that this would help you in this regard.

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