Top 10 Best Wheatgrass Juicer 2021-Electric And Manual

Okay, you should have gotten what benefits the wheatgrass can bring to you if it is added as a supplement to your daily nutrition, but when it is taken in the form of juice AND that is entirely possible when you got the best wheatgrass juicer at your disposal to squeeze every drop out of it.

Best Wheatgrass Juicer

Yeah, not all, and the ordinary juicer would work in this case. They got to be particular and specific about mentioning to be rated/capable of turning the wheatgrass into the juice.

Oh yeah, you can definitely employ the old tactics to squeeze the wheatgrass out of juice but beware of spending a lot of time doing so, which can eventually force you to skip through more essential tasks of the day.

NOT sure, but it can take up to half an hour to a complete hour jiggling through to get the wheatgrass extracted for one full glass.

So, do yourself some good and follow through our list of top 10 best wheatgrass juicer to bring ease to your life AND get the wheatgrass juicer within minutes all by yourself without seeking anyone’s help.

List of the Best Wheatgrass Juicer — Updated Picks for 2021!

Best Wheatgrass JuicerWeightSizePrice
AICOK AMR5218.23 pounds16.1 x 7.9 x 11.6 inches
Omega J8006HDS13 pounds14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
Tribest GSE-500017.2 pounds18.6 x 6.8 x 12.4 inches
Lexen GP272.42 pounds5.51 x 8.27 x 7.48 inches
Aobosi AMR52011.08 pounds14.3 x 11.5 x 10.6 inches
Omega NC900HDC13 pounds14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
AICOOK AMR5098.45 pounds17.8 x 11.5 x 9 inches
Omega MM900HDS17.11 pounds14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
KOIOS SHA10669.68 pounds0.5 x 15.75 x 9.06 inches
Breville BJS700SIL12 pounds10.8 x 15 x 17.5 inches


Loaded with the upgraded spiral system to extract the maximum amount of juice, it offers up to 7 segments of the spiral opening that help preserve the top nutrition while adding the minimum oxidation to yield the juice to the max in a healthy manner.


Goes with slow-masticating and grinding; the speed of 80 RPMs preserve up to 90 percent of nutrition growth without emitting and producing the heat due to lower friction and keep the sound to a significantly lower level while reserving the most nutrition containing vitamins, minerals, enzymes without creating the foaming and clogging the line to stop the juice from spilling inside the main jug.

AICOK AMR521 comes with different functionality for juicing and pulping, but for the wheatgrass juice, the juicing part is good to yield the juice out of it without much of the problem to fill in the glass rather quickly than expected.

Runs silently, having 60 dBA, makes it the perfect solution even to place it inside the room, and you can get it to work even in the silent room without waking up everyone around the family.

Made with the safest PMMA material and easy to assemble without operating and cleaning to go through all these phases without much trouble.

Wrapped around the durable and stable body, let’s have it operating for years to come. Still, in case anything breaks, you are backed with extended 3-years of quality assurance to seek technical assistance to get consulted with the company to resolve the fundamental issues in a professional manner.

Seated with the outstanding and advanced technology rated and backed by UL and ETL certification to last the years’ long operation.

  • Best affordable wheatgrass juicer
  • Quite at the operation
  • BPA-free make
  • Lightweight, so do not let it fall right on the ground, or it would splash into pieces.

2- Omega J8006HDS

Rugged and durable, Mega J8006HDS leaps beyond the expectation of the joint consumers who demand something from the industry-grade juicer to squeeze the juices from the convenience of your home.

Present in the market for 15-years, Omega has introduced many of the juicers into the market, but this particular one is heavier than all; from performance-wide, of course.

oMega J8006HDS

Known to be boosting the immunity, the cold-pressing yields the juices in clearly effective ways to never lose the nutritions and the enzymes as well as the antioxidants to enhance and boost the immunity that impacts on your total body health to present you with the fresh and the health-rich wheatgrass juice which doubles the health factor.

Coupled with the lower spiraling speed to up to 80 RPMs which actually helps to dissipate the heat and does not let to add the oxidation inside the juicy stuff which promotes to build the healthy enzymes while extracting the juice without losing the nutrition like vitamins while maintaining the amount of juice by removing the juice through a powerful dual-stage motor and having the cap of 5-settings that helps to retrieve the maximum juice output without clogging.

Colored in silver with the power of 200W, it takes on NOT just the wheatgrass, but anything vital to have it turned into the complete, juicy form within seconds.

Designed exclusively by keeping North America, particularly in the scope, the volt model of 110v/120v that makes it one of the favorite wheatgrass juicers all around North America.

  • Ensures the slow but adequate speed
  • Stainless-steel made
  • A little heavy and needs to place it on the proper and straight surface

3- Tribest GSE-5000

Finest and the sturdiest, Tribest GSE-500 has gotten the sleek and extravagant design that does not react any less than the primary feature to win the heart at the first look.

Made and loaded with magnetic and bioceramic technology, which helps extract the maximum juice out of the stuff (wheatgrass in our case), which does not let the nutrient content go away.

Tribest GSE-500

As with the magnet, the technology offers to produce the focused magnetic field, which arranges the clusters of water in the form that latches on to binding the valuable minerals, vitamins, and all the nutrients to keep the juice filled with the best of healthy nutritions.

And the bioceramic used inside the twin gears proposes to utilize the best kinetic energy to help turn the bags by emitting the far-infrared, the wavelength by balancing the water and all of the organic material to oscillate in between naturally.

Producing the juice out of Tribest GSE-5000 guarantees to keep the juice as fresh as possible for up to 72 hours to have it stored inside the refrigerator without losing the nutritional value by a percentage, and the taste would sound like you had it extracted a minute ago.

So, if you do not find yourself in the mood to sip all the juice in one go, rest assured you can store it up to consume later (as long as three days.)

  • Includes cold presser
  • Extracts the juice while keeping all the nutrition intact
  • Takes a bit of a while to clean it

4- Lexen GP27

Manually operated, we got this sleek and straightforward Lexen GP27, which does serve just like any other electric-run juicer and would give you a feel of working the old-fashioned and traditional kind of juicer to remember the old times.

And that particular feature makes it one heck of the best affordable because it does not involve the electricity to swirl the juicer, so the direct and exemplary impact will be enforced over your electricity bill for sure!

Lexen GP27

Guaranteed to give you the happy juicing experience, this associates no kind of risk while extracting the juice to keep it super healthy as the manual pushes would only be able to squeeze the level of juice out of the wheatgrass that is rated for as much closer to the nature as possible to give the fresh feel of sipping the juice to adore its quality which you cannot really expect out of the electric-run juicers of many types.

Designed and crafted for multipurpose juicing, it does not only work to get the glass full of wheatgrass juice, but you can also try kale, spinach, parsley, lettuce, chard, celery, and more without any problem (figuring out the hard materials would not squeeze as quickly.)

Part of the daily diet, the wheatgrass juice is super healthy to shed the mass of the weight rather quickly than ever.

  • Hand-made, give the old perception
  • Highly affordable
  • If not used to it, get ready to feel the pain on the shoulder.

5- Aobosi AMR520

Fast and affordable, this best electric-run juicer is the perfect combination for yielding the wheatgrass juice to how much you demand (if there are even two or more people on the wait to get the sip of its full-enriched glass), and here you get it all extracted in no time.

Aobosi AMR520This multipurpose juicer from Aobosi AMR520 does the beautiful job of extracting all sorts of juices out of vegetables, fruits, and greens rather quickly. Here we got it specifically for the wheatgrass juicing to get the full glass out of it within a minute when you cannot wait to shed the overweight without wasting much of the time deciding to sip it or NOT, and the juice is in your hand before you even turn to say a NO.

Form the blade with the stainless steel, which is the primary part of the juicer responsible for cutting the wheatgrass to the level it turns it out to form into the juice while NOT losing its nutrition and the healthy materials off of it.

Powered with up to 150W of the motor, the speed it gains to over 80 RPMs is fast enough to take down all the stuff you got to yield out in the shape of juice without causing the noise at the time of spinning the blades.

Safer and compact, the detachable parts make it extremely convenient to take off the components and clean them out in complete details without clogging the bowl and everything.

  • Yields the maximum juice
  • Quite at operation
  • Must cut the wheatgrass into pieces to not cause the clogging

6- Omega NC900HDC

The modern looks demand contemporary designs be embedded over the products. The same trend has been applied in this modern era, thanks to genius minds responsible for approving the systems when it comes to the juicers.

Leading the market for 15 long years, Omega NC900HDC comes with the dual-stage masticating extraction, which helps extract the maximum juice out of the stuff without losing the healthy nutrition like vitamins and the taste to last for days while retaining the freshness.


Omega NC900HDC

Seated with 5-settings to have the maximum juice output to extract in all of its quantity and the automatic pulp ejection, which collects all the waste without blocking the lines.

A powerful motor with the power rated for 2 HP with the gear reduction system and being powered through 110v/120v makes it compatible to be used anywhere in North America without tweaking it.

Having endorsed the chrome finish and all the components included having the built-in handle makes it one perfect juicer available in the market to take it along anywhere you go with the pride to show its look and send the folks into an aww!

  • Comes with 5-settings to get the maximum juice output
  • Having a powerful 2HP of motor
  • A little expensive


Simply delicious (oh! I am talking about the design here! :D) as it got the elegant look to mesmerize deep down the mind to purchase it as instantly as the eyes get to glance over it.

Quite when running, this AICOOK AMR509 juicer hits up to 80 RPMs by keeping it super low to not cause any sort of the sound and can get placed even in the bedroom to yield the juice from the very morning without waking the whole gang up as the powerful motor can achieve just around 60 dB to run quietly and relatively smoothly.


COmes with the unique and the augmented design, the filer and the auger perfect the technique to assemble and disassemble, which makes it extremely convenient to clean it out in excessive detail.

Having the pulp left in the bowel with the increased dryness makes you believe it yields the maximum juice than the many centrifugal juices that were part of the old-fashioned juicer which had left to be known back in the time.

Warrantied for two whole years and the lifelong consultancy offers to win the trust more than ever where anything technical breaks down, and you have the 24/7 support ready all the time.

BPA-free design, the recipes’ book included with AICOOK AMR509, is the only way around to ensure you do not lose interest in extracting the juices out of it for the rest of life.

  • Easier to clean
  • Operates relatively low not to cause the sound
  • Auger wobbles a bit.

8- Omega MM900HDS

Colored in silver, Omega MM900HDS comes right from the reputed brand bringing the revolutionary-alike of the guarantee to have its juicer to last for more than a decade while covering the parts to get them replaced within the duration to ensure it does not lose its efficiency, and of course, the performance.

Ensured to deliver the lower swirling speed of around 80 RPMs does not mesh and blend everything to cut into the pieces and go into the waste while proving to keep the nutritions intact without losing the vitamins and other minerals required to have the wheatgrass juice enriched with.


Omega MM900HDS

Designed to preserve and boost immunity, the cold process juicing mechanism gives an effective way to access all the nutritious enzymes while forming the antioxidants that help to increase the digestive system and enhance the complete health factor to shed the weight the way you desire.

NOT only it works best only to yield the wheatgrass juice, but it is also capable of turning the nuts into powder, helps to grind the coffee as well as the spices, and mince the herbs and the garlic to be used on different occasions and with other desserts as well as whipping the soy milk into the flash.

The automatic pulp-ejection functionality comes with the most attractive feature of transforming continuous juice while not destabilizing. It comes with air-locked four feet that do not make the juicer shiver and vibrate against the surface.

  • Dual-stage system
  • 200W of powerful motor
  • Plastic-made auger

9- KOIOS SHA1066

Gaining the acute and maximum yield of the juice, KOIOS SHA1066 does more than the perfect job in order to bring you the fresh and health-enriched amount of juice right out of it to sip the moment it is all extracted.

And when it comes to squeezing the wheatgrass, man! The work is done in a super-well manner.

Runs relatively and precisely, so having the warm spiral take it to go through three stages to thoroughly squeeze out the adequate amount of wheatgrass added without causing the blockage and sticking the stuff to stop the blade to spiral around.



It comes with a more delicate filter that minimizes all the damage to preserve the ingredients and the natural taste and the nutrition fully intact to enjoy the immense nature when sipping the juice.

Works to be extracted as non-heat treated juice, it is good to last with the ever-lasting and fresh taste for up to 72 hours.

Loaded with the quiet motor, the noise level of 62 dBa acts to keep the noise at the relatively lower side, making it the dominant juice over the cheaper juicers and blenders who get to emit the unbearable noise when operating.

Includes no sharp parts and rated for 100 percent BPA free to use the juicer with enough security.

Good to get thoroughly cleaned after every use, and that gets done within a minute without unloading the materials. Still, yes, the initial assembly is so required to put it up together before using it.

  • Induced with reverse function
  • Ensures the higher yield of juice
  • Made much of the juicer with plastic

10- Breville BJS700SIL

Bigger and sounds totally professional; this Breville BJS700SIL juicer is the ultimate solution that brings you the cup of wheatgrass juice in no time.

Larger enough feed chute ranging to up to 3 inches or 81mm and pretty much loaded with the powerful but the ultra-quiet 240W motor that is all-set ready to achieve over 80 RPMs to cut down or squeeze the juice out of the wheatgrass well before your expectation.


Breville BJS700SIL

Explicitly designed to keep the nutritional value to keep the juice fresh to add it into your daily diet when you are conscious of losing weight while looking healthy and fresh.

The screw-styled and the filter that helps extract the stuff kind of slowly while achieving the maximum quantity of juice to take the whole food all dried.

And the low-speed extraction method produces the minimal heat that it takes to achieve the healthy extraction of the juice without losing any of its nutrition.

Adding to the direction control, the forward and the reverse button perceives to extract any left amount of the juice out of the good and unclog the jug if anything comes in the way to stop the blades from the spiral.

Tower-like design, Breville BJS700SIL takes no space off the surface, and the excellent pressing helps it not lose its balance when operating and squeezing for yourself the juicy and healthy juice out of the wheatgrass.

  • Impressive and elegant design
  • Self-rinsing system
  • The pulp may get jammed.

Conclusion of the best wheatgrass juicer

Finally, we bid adieu to this finest collection of top 10 best wheatgrass juicer you cannot own out of a single store.

Jotted down with some finest of ‘em, the wheatgrass juicer needs no sort of going through the hardships as these all juicers are all-set ready to take on the wheatgrass in a minute.

So, get ready, and let’s aim to lose the weight (promise this time!)

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