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10 Best Juicer Blender Combo 2021

Better health may reveal that you need good food with tasty juice. Therefore a juicer blender combo may help to make the good juice for your daily breakfast to improve the health condition as well.

Best Juicer Blender Combo

Most of the people always  want to get a better juicer blender combo system to work very effectively. For this purpose here we have a list of best combo blender juicer for juice making at the home.

list of best juicer blender combo 2021

Vitamix black blender⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sharper Pulse blender⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Oster Blender⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
NutriBullet blender⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
NSY Portable blender⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ninja blender⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hamilton Jar blender⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Food Processor Blender Combo⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cross Blade blender⭐⭐⭐
ANGELA Electric blender⭐⭐⭐⭐
  1. Oster Blender | Pro 1200 Glass 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup and Food Processor (Best Overall)

best juicer blender combo 2020You can make anything at home with Oster blender to blend and mix the different fruits and veggies. The 1200watt motor is equipped in the Oster mixer to start the work at a high level. A good one-touch control system with large blades is equipped in the system to work more efficiently at scale for juice making. This is so strong to crush all the material of ice and frozen fruits very easily. The chopping blade with a slicing stainless steel body is placed in the system.


Precise Blade System

In the Oster cup shape blender, an excellent system of 50% pure blades are placed. These help to crush all the material, blend them and at all mix within the proper shape within less time. You can make the juice as well as shake and other sauce like material from the frozen fruits and veggies with ease of low power. The powerful and precise blade system is 50 percent larger related to early Oster.

Elegant And Modern Look

The system of this model of Oster looks like a modern and decent in shape and design. An elegant look produces in the mixer due to its special stainless steel body covering. The excellent cord is set in the blender with the length of 16″ measurement. Good and very obvious power of crushing is set in it almost the range of 900 watts.

Good Motor Base

An excellent motor base is set in the blender with the power of almost 1200 watts. This helps to process and blend all the food material very quickly. It also gives power for the blender to make them smooth and soft material very elegant in shape. All the vitamins and nutrients also extract very easily to make the juice more nutritional.

  • Elegant look
  • Good Crushing Power
  • Excellency in work
  • High electricity use
  1. Sharper Image 600-Watt/2 Speed and Pulse Juicer-Blender Combo (Good Quality)

The name shows its power for the work like a sharper image style. The blender of combo 600-watt specially made to use for the making all nutritious material. The good motor is set in the blender with the power of 17000 revolutions per minute. The container is also in the weight of 600-ounce.


Pulse Option Blades

The steel blades of dual-function work set in the blender. You can blend the mixture very easily at an angle. You can set the speed of blades at your base to make more robust power of blender to work for a long duration. All the feature set in the blender to make it more robust enough for a long-lasting effect.

Sturdy Design

The overall shape with this color looks like a very elegant and sturdy design. The full body cover with a proper stainless steel material to give extra shape and position for the proper work. You can use it with its good look and excellency in the work. This blender set all the function to make all the material very accurately if its a juice, sauce, or shake etc.

Durable And Excellent Performance

The system is completely equipped with full of feature power of durability and excellency in work. You can make any material very easily without any damaging effect. Most people want to use the juicer mixer with all the power feature and setting for the regular work. The blender with low in price as well good durability also matters in the blender.

  • Very sturdy look
  • Excellent for work
  • Cost-effective
  • Low in feature power

3. Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One 48 oz, Black Blender (Long-lasting)

best juicer blender comboThe Vitamix is perfect perfect countertop blender with 48 oz setting. This is operated in quite a shape with vibration dampening technology. It’s quietly used in the home and staff member to give a good drink. A perfect tool is set in the system to make it more perfect for cleaning and a good magnetic setting in the blender gives an intermingle shape.


Good Programme Setting

A blender with 34 different optimized cycles uses to make the same juice and other shakes for multi times. The best and most efficient way to use the system always set the all button for different use setting. This is designed with accurate functions setting to make the frozen juices very quiet easily.

Good VDT System

This model of Vitamix is equipped with a perfect VDT (Vibration Dampening Technology). This system helps to make the blender more useful for regular use with very less noise power. The sound is controlled by the plastic container setting.  If you’re looking for a blender that will assist to keep a comfortable environment for both your staff and customers, then this is the system is a best and most suitable pick for you.

Versatile In Design

This model of Vitamix is made with full of versatile shape and design. A different 34 setting programme with 93 variable speed option gives a good shape and sturdy design feature functions. This is the major blender which users want to use. This unit and system are fully used to make the sauce, frozen juice shakes and all other systems very quietly. You can make juice and blend the large fruits and veggies parts very easily.

Good Magnetic Finish

The blender is equipped with full of ease power. You can clean and wash the all system in juicer very easily in the less time. magnetic secure structure gives an appropriate shape for the different use purposes. The blending cycle system also improves through the use of this system for blending and juice making.

  • Good magnetic finish
  • Excellent equipment
  • Perfect design
  • High in price
  • Work in a hard way
  1. Ninja Intelli-Sense Touchscreen Blend & Prep System (Best Buy product)

best juicer blender comboNinja is a perfect brand in juice making system. This model is equipped with full of featured power of body touch system. A smart base system gives a high-performance appliance.  A new touchscreen interface lets you easily switch between vessel-specific Smart Programs and standard options, all while holding up to everyday kitchen wear and tear.


Touchscreen System

A perfect an ease of the system is set in the blender to make it more powerful for the use. A good blend and mixing process through the use of this blender. You can make the shake and juice full of nutrients. All the vitamins and nutrients of fruits extract easily from the fruits and veggies in the accurate system.

Supercool Setting

Though this machine is shown to be a super versatile kitchen tool, the standard states that it cannot be used to provide hot cooked vegetables for soup and juice making as well. So, somewhat than risk unsuccessful results, we can do something in the prescribed practice let the ingredients cool down before beginning.

High Performance

The performance of this Ninja model specially equipped for high-class use. You can use the system in all-time for better-improved function results. The Ninja touchscreen Blend system provides 1200-Watt of power to crush through ice, fruits and vegetables while offering the versatility of a food processor and blender. The touch screen interface has 8 Smart Programs that make tough kitchen tasks a breeze system. A good and multi-functional performance helps to give an extra added feature for regular use.

  • Good material equipped
  • Best for all functions
  • High-class performance
  • Do not work efficiently


  1. Hamilton Beach Power Elite with 40oz Glass Jar Blender (Good Motor base)

Hamilton Beach Food chopper take the blending benefits a step further, giving you blend in the larger-capacity jar or change to a convenient chopper. this is made with powerful blending and chopping blades, each versatile Food Chopper Blender offers excellent results from the first group to the last. All the proper setting gives a good and accurate work position with sharp blades blending system.


Efficient Power Setting

The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender is the tool you need in your kitchen. Powered by 700-watt top power, this blender makes fast work of crushing ice and blending cold fruit, leaving you with delicious frozen drinks any time you desire. You can make and mix fruit and all other material in the proper way and setting. You need to set the blender for multi-tasks functions.

Perfect Chopper

A good and most suitable chopper system is set in the blender helps to blend all the material very quickly. You can chop and mix the fruits material very easily without any risk issue. Most maximum help to shred all the skin of the fruit properly.

Easy Assemble And Cleaning

Both the jar and blade are dishwasher safe. When finished, the cord simply provides into the bottom of the blender for easy storage. Delicious results in a blender both easy to use and clean. You can make all the things very easily without any damaging effect. The cleaning process of all material is also quite easy with all parts.

  • Easy assemble and cleaning
  • Good for chopping
  • Delicious taste setting
  • High in power use
  1. NSY Portable Electric Professional Food Processor Juicer Combo with Stainless Steel Strainers (Best blender for use)

This combination is called once and for all. Its functioning is very shocking. Its accordingly everyone’s desire. That is why it is “once and for all”. It is the super functional blender. Electronic devices shorten cooking time. each appliance like juicer, mixer and blender pays an important role in the kitchen. So, it is designed carefully so that it maintains the nutrients of your food and convert it into a superfood.


Suitable For Crushing Ice.

No blender has the capacity to crush the frozen ingredients. It is one that offers the best ice and frozen ingredients crush effectively. It is ideal at a low price.

Perfect Chopping System

This is also used to chop and shred different ingredients. This done a very fine chopping and broke into small fine pieces. If you are looking for food chopper, this device is perfect to save your time and effort. All the material of fruits and veggies chop very easily in very less time. You can make the small pieces of fruits and process it for regular use.

Grinding And Blending System

It also acts as a grinder and grinds powerful substances effectively. It has various speed levels. Hight speed is used to grind materials like meat and beans. This can also blend any ingredients smoothly. It can make all kinds of juices from fruits. Its easy to use and saves times and effort in the kitchen.

  • Good Grinding functions
  • Good Crush setting
  • High in the speed of work
  • Less durability
  1. ANGELA Electric Multifunction Professional Food Processor and Juicer Combo (Best Budget)

Here is the product having valuable qualities. A food processer and juicer combo is more than good blender and food processor in one. It is a mufti tasker device which performs a different function in a few seconds. It is designed to make your life easier in the kitchen. It is designed is this manner that it will help you in chopping, grinding, and processing. This processor tasks quickly and mix things equally as quick.





Food processing uses less power than blending. For that purpose, we need a device that uses a minimum of 700 watts and used for both food processing and blending. This is the best one to smoother your soups and smoothies. The power source always matters so this system featured with good power of current and moving to start the system.

Variable Speeds

Food Processor can be used at different speeds. We can select speed depending on the food you are processing. Variable speeds optimize the results of the product. Variable speeds contribute to the product’s versatility, but also optimize the results. After getting the right settings for different ingredients, you can enjoy the juices and smoothies every time.

 Reasonable Price

You do not need to go for buying different devices for processing and bending. This is the one which fulfils all the needs within less price. It is that valuable model in the market that are affordable and fit within your budget. You can get this system with excellent power and good price range as well.

  • Good for budget
  • Excellent in work
  • Long durability
  • Design is not good
  1. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Gray (600 Watts good)

There are many blenders and juicers in the market. there will always be just one NutriBullet NBR-1201. It denotes a new generation of compact blenders. You will use the jug or cup as a receptacle to consume smoothies or store them. The main concept within the NutriBullet NBR-1201 design is all about getting the simplest out of your food. It is enough muscle to bust open seeds, chew through the hardest of stems and reduce tough skins into pulp thereby releasing the nutrition.




Busts open seeds

This is super easy to use a blender. The blender has a 600-watt power base with high torque power. It can bust all the seeds within no time by doing little action. It will save you time and maintains the goodness of fresh.

Cracks through stems

The design of NutriBullet is minimalist and smart. It has no switches or buttons and suction cup feet at the base lock on countertops.it also has changeable blending containers are the storage or serving cups.

Shreds Tough Skins 

The best ability of NutriBullet is it mix the fruity very easily. No wastage is happening in NutriBullet. Everything mixes very finely, and it takes just a few seconds due to its sharpness. The motor runs quietly. All the fruits and veggies are easily processed and the skin of the material easily shred with low power.

Vitamin And Nutrient Extraction

You will be surprised to see the power of this thing that how good it works. The ingredients will be liquefied quickly. The engine is quiet, which is a relief. The blender completes the job in just a few minutes, which saves your time. It breaks down the hardest ingredients to unlock the vital nutrition inside. All the Vitamin and nutrient from the food material of fruits and veggies very easily processed.

  • Good extractor
  • Heavy in food processing
  • Good power for shredding
  • High in price
  1. Food Processor, Juice Blender, Food Processor Blender Combo (Perfect Overall)

A blender juicer combo is a product which will handle both juicing and blending functions efficiently. The important components of those appliances are attachments. The merchandise comes with various accessories that allow you to regulate functions.

The main advantage of blender juicer combo is that you simply will get optimal results.

Its big advantage is that you do not need to buy two products. Because it is 2 in one. That will not only save your money but also save your time and space in your kitchen.


Good Food Processor 

Food processing uses less power than blending. For that purpose, we need a device that uses a minimum of 700 watts and used for both food processing and blending. This is the best one to smoother your soups and smoothies. This will help to process all the food material quite easily.

Motor Power     

The device has a strong motor whose strength is 800W. it is quite enough to perform the various function. It is worth noting that the motor is reliable and capable of delivering your juice within 30 seconds. These motor powers absolutely work well in the hard system also. This will assist to give a proper shape for regular work.

 Control Settings 

The controls are simple, and it does not get easier than this. All you would like to try to use one dial on the side of the product. The use of this device is easier and time-saving.A control may also play role in the dual functions of good juice with different variation speed settings.

  • Good motor base
  • Excellent work power
  • High class performance
  • Heavy Price value
  1. Cross Blade Tall Cup Replacement Part Combo for Magic Bullet MB1001 250W Blenders (Excellency In work)

This is the one having multi qualities.in its specifications its body is made of plastic and stainless. The color of the steel is different like black, silver and as well as transparent. The cross blade is formed of stainless steel, dishwasher safe and never needs sharpening. Includes the rock bottom rubber gear and a gasket set



Gasket Magic Bullet Cross Blade

it has the bottom rubber gear and gasket magic bullet cross blade. These sharp blades are used for grating and chopping as we as blending food like frozen drinks. It has the power to deals with the food items with its sharp blade. The blade works dually to cut all the material very easily.

Stainless Steel Body

Its blade is not easy to break, high hardness. It is made of good stainless steel. The big quality of this blade is it needs no sharping. It is also safe from the dishwasher because it is highly corrosion-resistant. The body is completely safe from the full of environmental hazards.

Waterproof-Blade surface

The surface of the blade is also waterproof. By washing, the blade will not easy to rust. Its not easy to scrape and its very smooth and bright. It is made in such a way that is will protect itself from rust even when we wash it continuously

  • Good body set
  • Excellent for Mixing
  • High in work
  • Less water -proof


If you are looking for the blender to use it and make the excellent blending mixture of juice, shakes and sauce etc., for your family or personal use, but you are worried about that to buy the unique and perfect blender mixer with a good performed and quality as well. The main thing consider is budget, but you cannot afford high price blender than ANGELA Electric Multifunction Professional Food Processor and Juicer Combois the best option for you to but with a meager budget and good quality. You can get this blender and experience from it of long-lasting effects.


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