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Best Blenders Under 100 – Top 7 Best Budget Blenders of 2021

At times, you might get irritated when you make a smoothie at home and you feel chunks of food items in your mouth, that are remained unblended. To get rid of this annoying thing, you can get the best blender under 100 that offers you super amazing specs in this regard.

best blenders under 100

Besides, these sucking food chunks can be avoided by the ultra-sharp blades that crush all the items, even the ice can be blended along to make a chilly drink. Moreover, these blenders are specialized to bring various settings and speed modes that can aid you in many ways.

With that being said, you can get a lot of information from this particular article as it aims to enlist the top seven Best Blenders under 100. These features are conducted based on some personal experiences, YouTube tutorials, and detailed research on every product individually.

So, let’s not beat about the bush and get straight to the products:

List of Top Seven Best Blenders Under 100:

Name of the productMotor powerNumber of jars
1. Jusseion Smoothie Blender1200 watt2
2. Ninja Professional BL6601100 watt3
3. Hamilton Beach 54221700 watt1
4. Ninja Personal Blender700 watt2
5. Oster Master Series Blender800 watt2
6. Ninja BN7011400 watt1
7. Ninja BL480D1000 watt2
  1. Jusseion Smoothie Blender– Top-rated blenders under 100

To make some delicious smoothies for you and your family, Jusseion Smoothie Blender can serve to be the best in this regard. It not only brings perfectly blended drinks but also offers you a highly advanced program to set it to work. With that being said, you must not ignore the smart touch screens that can be used to set it on.  As for its price, Jusseion costs you almost 100 dollars or even more, which is a bit expensive but what else you need when you have so many tremendous features to count.

Jusseion Smoothie Blender

Let’s move on to get some more information about this super amazing product:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Starting with the best, Jusseion offers an auto shut off technology that frees you from holding the button till the end. What you need to do is just push the button and set the timer. The blender will automatically shut off when the timer reaches the end.

Additionally, it possesses a smart touch screen that has all the setting options. No more buttons are needed to be pressed as it comes with the advanced setting modes. With the single on/off button that is to be pushed once to start the process, you can do a lot of other work while your drink is being prepared.

And another thing, this masterpiece comes with a fully loaded package that includes two different sized cups that marks to be sufficient to fulfill your family needs. Moreover, it also brings a sealed lid and a sip and seal lid that makes it ready-to-go for use.

Alongside, you must not ignore its six tooth blade that can even crush the ice cubes to bring some chilly drinks to you. Furthermore, it blends the fruits and veggies completely keeping the nutrients safe and healthy to take in.

Lastly, the most important thing that is to mention is its 1200 watt excellently performing motor that marks to be a highly important feature of this expensive beast. It provides ultimate power to the machine to work perfectly to give the best output.

  • Auto-shutoff technology
  • Easy to use
  • Smart touch screen
  • Wide setting options
  • Easy cleanup
  • Loaded package
  • Highly expensive
  • A bit bigger

Final Views:

If you want to invest your money in a machine that offers you some highly advanced settings along with some latest technologies then the Jusseion smoothie blender can be the best choice for you of all.

  1. Ninja Professional BL660– Best blenders for smoothies

If you want to treat your guests with chilly smoothies on a hot summer day, then Ninja Professional BL660 would mark to be the best choice. It is a super-fast, single-serving machine that can give you an icy drink ready within a few seconds. Moreover, its extra-large-sized pitcher makes it worth using the machine to get smoothies ready for the whole family or the whole friend’s squad. For the price, Ninja Professional is a bit costly as you need to invest almost 100 dollars for this small piece of machine.

Ninja Professional BL660

Here is a list of its tremendous features that make it a worth buying product.

Important Features You Need to Know:

At number two in the list, Ninja BL660 comes, which excels in providing you all the basic features. Its 72-ounce glass pitcher is an added perk as it can prepare a drink for the whole family at once. Also, its four manual programs enable you to control its speed and run the machine according to your will.

In addition to that, its highly sharp six blades crush the ice into an extremely well-blended drink that you can’t even figure out if there was ice in it or not. You can serve your friends and family with icy drinks on a sunny day when all you need is the cold and chilly smoothies.

Moreover, it comes with a small 16 Oz cup in which you can directly blend your favorite fruits and get it ready to drink. This sleek and stylish cup looks super cool and can be carried along if you want to.

Further, this Ninja BL660 is a well-designed, BPA free machine that is durable and dishwasher safe. It runs on an 1100 watt powerful motor that offers a perfect blend and gives the best results.


  • Comes in two containers
  • Well-designed and BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Six blade assembly
  • Powerful motor
  • Cost a huge amount
  • Demands stirring for proper blending

Final Views:

Ninja Professional BL660 excels in crushing and blending the ice to its fullest and makes a well-blended icy smoothie to treat you in summers. It is a bit pricey but you can ignore the fact as it offers you a number of other beneficial features that are hard to ignore.


  1. Hamilton Beach 5422– Most affordable blender under 100

Along with an ultimate crushing power with sharp blades, Hamilton Beach offers you the super amazing specs that can give you quick and delicious results. Its ultra-sharp blades allow powerful crushing that can turn the ice into snow within just a few seconds to serve you with some icy chill drinks. Alongside, Hamilton can be the smartest choice as it not only gives an incredible performance but also costs you less than 50 bucks to get this beast.

Hamilton Beach 5422

Let’s check out some of its outstanding features that are surely hard to ignore:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Starting with the best, the Hamilton brings ultra-advanced wave action technology that works to push the ingredients down towards the blade for proper blending of every piece. This avoids the chunks that remain behind and irritates you while drinking.

Moreover, the glass pitcher is heat resistant and avoids excessive thermal shocks. It is safe to use and easy to clean as you can disassemble it easily for washing purposes. Additionally, its sleek and stainless steel body makes it stylish to place it on your countertop.

Furthermore, this Hamilton offers 14 different blending options that make it worth noticing among the other blenders. You can get your smoothies blended perfectly with its highly upgraded options.

Lastly, this masterpiece is designed in such a way that it avoids dripping and makes an easy to pour model. Its spout ending allows the liquid to flow out easily and fill up the glass without creating a mess around.

  • Wave action technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Resist dripping
  • Well-structured design
  • Thermal resistant
  • Does not grind frozen fruit
  • Low powered battery

Final Views:

For Hamilton beach, the bottom line is that it can be a good choice if we talk about the money as it costs you less than 40 dollars that is very cheap. But apart from this, you might find some of the things that you wish to change in this incredibly designed machine.


  1. Ninja Personal Blender– Best blenders under 50

Costing you not more than 50 dollars, Ninja Personal Blender out marks its contemporaries by offering the best in a limited range. Its single serving along with ready-to-go lids makes it more beneficial as you can have your smoothies readily available right after blending. Moreover, it comes with two 16 oz. Ninja cups that are quite sufficient in terms of capacity. Having said that, you can blend your favorite fruits and veggies to get the nutrients enriched drink to keep healthy and safe.

Ninja Personal Blender

Here, its tremendous features are enlisted below:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Residing at number 4, this ninja personal blender is less in price as compared to the ninja professional BL660 that costs you almost 100 bucks. With a low price, this brings out some amazing features that you desire to have in your blender.

Additionally, this tremendous piece of the machine comes with two 16 ounce cups that have sufficient room for a drink for two. Along with this, there are two sip and seal lids that keep it ready-to-go. Also, it allows easy pour and keeps the liquid safe from spilling and dripping.

Besides, its sharp blades and power motor crushes even the frozen items and offers you chilly cold smoothies. It comes with a 36 inches long cord so you can place it a bit farther from the switch to decorate your countertop with its stylish look.

Lastly, this ninja blender is quite well-manufactured and is made up of durable material. Also, it is dishwasher safe and keeps its quality retained even after months.

  • Keeps nutrients safe
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A sharp blade with powerful functioning
  • Comes with two 16 ounce cups
  • The motor is not durable
  • A bit noisy

Final Views:

If you want to have a blender having super amazing specs within a limited price range then get ninja personal blender as it marks to be incredible in this regard.


  1. Oster Master Series Blender– Best inexpensive blender under 100

On number five, we bring you the Oster master series that marks to be highly efficient in terms of giving you a wide choice in blending options. It enables you to select the texture of your drink as you desire. The texture selection option ranges from thick to medium to thin. That’s when it hit me! Be it a heavy, thick smoothie or a thin liquid extraction, you can have it easy with the Oster’s super amazing texture selection technology. Additionally, its cost limits within the range of 50 to 60 dollars that is quite reasonable as it brings a number of incredible features alongside.

Oster Master Series Blender

Let’s have a look at some of its basic features:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Oster master offers some of the most distinguished features that you may not find easily in any other blender. Its texture selection option makes it the widely chosen blender. You can have your smoothies as per your choice. It can make it thick, medium, or thin, all as you wish and desire.

Moreover, there are three different options including smoothie shake and food chop. Just by pressing a single button you can have your food perfectly chopped. Its smart touch screen makes it simple to use. All its options are quite well-written right on its top that can be understood easily by anyone.

Alongside, there is a glass jar in its package that is BPA free. Also, it is dishwasher safe and can hold almost 6 glass of liquid that is quite sufficient to fulfill your family requirements.

In addition to the jar, there is also a 24-ounce cup that has the sip and seal lid which makes it ready to use. You can take your drink along with you in this super stylish cup. Also, its six-point blades that reach up to six inches crushes all that you want to blend.

  • Powerful blade system
  • BPA free construction
  • Comes with a glass jar and a blend-to-go cup
  • Avoids dripping
  • Texture selection options
  • Three different blending settings
  • Liquid shoots out from the lid
  • Flawed design

Final Views:

If you desire to have full control over the settings of your blender, then Oster Master Series Blender would be a good choice for you as it offers three liquid texture settings along with three different blending modes.


  1. Ninja BN70– Best blender under 100 bucks

Chilly smoothies on a hot summer day can be a delicious treat for your guest. Ninja BN701 is one of the best blenders under 100 that mark to be the best choice of a wide variety of users. It is a super-fast blending machine that is efficient enough to serve you an icy drinkwithin a few seconds. Moreover, its four manual programs allow you to control the speed. You can tune it to any desired speed to get the best outcome. For the price, this ninja marks to be a little pricey as you need to invest almost 100 dollars for this small piece of machine.

Ninja BN70

Let’s dig a little deeper to find its pros and cons:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Among this list of top seven best blenders under 100, this ninja blender is the one that has the most powerful motor of about 1400 watt. Its high crushing power is enhanced due to its sharp-pointed blades that blend perfectly giving the desired results.

Moreover, it is easy to clean up. You can simply disassemble its blade and clean them properly with any dishwasher as it is quite resistant in this regard. As soon as you are done cleaning it, you can put all the parts together again to make it readily available to use it again.

Furthermore, its large-sized pitcher adds to its worth as it can hold the liquid for up to 72 ounces at a time. Also, it offers you three preset auto- IQ program that can enable you to make smoothies, frozen drinks, or ice creams as per your wish and choice.

  • Three presets option
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • 1400 watt motor
  • Powerful crushing
  • 72-ounce container
  • Plastic container
  • A bit pricey

Final views:

If you want to have a blender that has a large jar in which you can prepare smoothies for your whole family at once then, this beast can be very much useful for you as it has a plastic jar that can contain up to 72-ounce liquid at a time.


  1. Ninja BL480D– Ninja blender

Ninja BL480D is also one of the most prominent blenders among its contemporaries by offering the best. Its spacious jar and small cups along with ready-to-go lids make it more beneficial as you can have your smoothies readily available right after blending. Moreover, its stylish smart touch design makes it super cool to be placed at the countertop. Having said that, you can blend your favorite fruits and veggies to get the nutrients enriched drink to keep healthy and safe.

Ninja BL480D

Here are some of the remarkable features that will surely help you to make a good choice:

Important Features You Need to Know:

This super incredible Ninja blender blends the fruits and veggies to the fullest to give you ultra-smooth drinks. Its Auto-iQ technology offers you two presets that can be used by just touching a single button.

Moreover, it is perfectly designed to avoid dripping and allows easy pour due to its spout shape. Alongside, it comes with a 24-oz jug and an 18 oz. cup that has a sip and seal lid that can be used readily.

Additionally, its 1000 watt motor offers great pulverizing power that can crush almost all the items despite their different nature. Even ice can be crushed completely to make a chilly smoothie.

  • Sharp and highly functional blades
  • Smart touch design
  • Spacious jar
  • Powerful motor
  • Blend-to-go cup
  • The lid becomes loose
  • So noisy

Final Views:

If you are looking for a smart touch system along with a stylish look in a blender, then Ninja BL480D can be a smart choice as it offers an auto-iQ system that allows two presets with just a single touch.


Some Final Words:

To sum up the whole discussion, this was all to say about the top seven best blenders under 100. If you want to invest your money in the right type of product or if you are unable to choose among the variety of the products, then you can get help from this very article as it contains all the basic information about the key features of the best blender under 100. We hope that this would help you in this regard.


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